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SR&ED for the FOOD & BEVERAGE Industry



Canadian companies in the food and beverage industry face regular projection reformation, process adjustments and equipment changes. Enhancements are also driven by need for increased efficiency, prolonged project shelf-life or improved productivity.  To complicate matters further, compliance with Health Canada, the FDA or HACCP regulations can be costly and filled with technical uncertainty. 

A significant portion of the cost associated with these activities qualify for tax credits or cash refunds under the SR&ED program. Food & Beverage manufacturers face several misconceptions about SR&ED eligible expenditures. Many organizations have been discouraged from participating or have simply failed to claim a significant portion of quality work. ARCK can help eligible food and beverage companies uncover claims and maximize their SR&ED tax credits. 


Technical Advancement:

What did you do that was above and beyond standard knowledge within your field?


Technical Obstacles:

What was the obstacle that had to be overcome, or what was the concern that couldn’t be solved based on current industry knowledge? In other words, what were the challenges encountered?


Technical Content:
(Systematic Investigation)Is the work evident of investigation, experimentation, and/or analysis, by qualified personnel?

​Industries that Qualify for SR&ED

  • Aeronautics Aerospace
  • Automotive Manufacturing
  • Chemical Manufacturing
  • Electronics
  • Food & Beverage
  • Furniture Manufacturing
  • Manufacturing 
  • Paper & Packaging
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Software
  • Telecommunications
  • Tool and Dye
  • Transportation
  • Waste Management
What types of Food & Beverage Companies do we serve?


  • Food manufacturers (fruit, produce, seafood, specialty, etc.)

  • Dairy product manufacturers

  • Starch and vegetable fats and oils manufacturers

  • Animal slaughtering and processing operations

  • Poultry and egg products

  • Wineries

  • Sugar and confectionery product manufacturers

  • Animal food manufacturers

  • Beverage and tobacco product manufacturers

Typical Unclaimed SR&ED Expenditures


  • Integration of new equipment into a production line

  • Trial batches with scale-up to production issues

  • Attempts to remove or reduce harmful ingredients in response to new FDA/Health Canada regulations

  • Attempts to meet new nutritional objectives while maintaining product taste, smell, colour, texture and/or appearance

  • efforts to extend product shelf-life

  • Process or equipment modifications for improved yields

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